All about Travel

Travel is one’s secret affair of moving. The desire to travel is the yearning to move, to revamp your life, to satisfy your curiosity, to alleviate your fears, to experience novelty and to risk the unknown. The unspoken reason for travel is to find places that epitomize where one has been the happiest and to create the perfect memory. It’s common to say that travel is more associated with historical monuments and big museums.

All about Travel

But travel becomes a living in itself when you spend more time on the road. A Moorish proverb states that “He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” When we experience a stranger’s hospitality and observe how people treat others and how they respect their land and culture, we will start to value mankind more. Travel is an opportunity to leave old thought patterns behind and discover new interests and view the world in a different angle by coming in touch with varied cultures, languages, customs, beliefs, religions, and landscapes. It edifies us with more tolerance, trust, adaptation and acceptance. In total Travelling is a humbling experience that puts life in perspective. Sometimes one need to travel a thousand miles to realize what is left behind and what is carried forward.

Travel in a Car

The Endeavour to travel is not only to increase the mental well being of self but also to enjoy the moment. It can be traveling for business or a family holiday, or fun trips with friends. Traveling can make you a complete person by building self-confidence, creating new experiences and memories, meeting different people from all over the world.

And what more can be more complimenting to this enriching experience of travel than a safer and comfortable Car for your journey. Travelling in your own car means flexibility. One can travel wherever they need to without having the pain of arranging and paying for further transport from a train station, airport or bus station or without having to fret and wait for the transport to arrive. You can also make any stops if required and most importantly travel at a time that suits your schedule.

Travelling in a car is an easy option for transportation of the luggage you carry too.

It is easier to transport these in your car rather than using public transport where safety and storage is always an issue. Travel by your own car or a rental is more reliable than a public transport system where you may have to encounter undue delay or even cancellations.

A better and a clear view is another great benefit of travelling by car. When you travel by plane or train your view is limited and you cannot grasp the scenic beauty. But if you pick a car as your transport, you will be able to smell the flowers in the fields, sight many beautiful villages, go through breathtaking hills, and watch little children playing in the small towns along your drive. And there is always the dispensation to be able to stop and take some pictures to cherish.

Choosing a Rental Cab

Choosing a right car for your travel is the next most important thing and it is necessary to take into consideration various facts like, cost, traffic, fuel consumption, size and amenities. Nowadays there are many environmental friendly cabs on rental basis too. Once the choice is made the journey is all set then.


Our company offers you the following remarkable features:

A wide Fleet of Vehicles with competitive Rates.

No hidden costs or fees.

Easy car reservation and automatic confirmation number by email/mobile.

Allows you to make changes to your reservation details.

You can also request rates for points outside of those listed in our guide.

Online loyalty programme for regular customers to benefit from great rewards/discounts.

Private transfers catering to large or small groups or individuals thereby giving you the flexibility and convenience of having pre-arranged transport to or from international airports or between any two destinations.

We offer Customized tours to let you set your own itinerary.

We offer driver service as well that includes VIP chauffeur service too.

There is toll free 24 Hour emergency roadside assistance when you call at any time of day or night. This service is unmatched by any other local car rental company.

Intercity Reservations to pick up car rental anywhere in the nation.

We offer the best accessories like GPS, Baby seats, detailed maps of the island, entertainment systems, mobile phones, portable WiFi, child safety seats, reverse camera, air bags and traction control.

Personal Accident Insurance which covers you and your passengers in the event of an accident.

Prompt Pickup and delivery.

All our cars have automatic Transmission

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What types of car can I hire?

We provide variants of cars based on the actual needs of the customer. The variants are Economy, Family cars, Tour purpose, Luxury, people carrier types. Based on the amount of fuel for expenditure and number of persons, the customer can choose any of these varieties.

Where do I pick my car to hire?

We have branches all over the city; you can get the address of our branches easily from our website for your needed location. Further, we always offer cars for hiring purpose exclusively in the airports.

Is there any original record that I have to submit for hiring?

Yes. First of all, you should have your driving license and you must submit any one of your original government ID proof to us until returning the hired car.

What are the payment options available?

You can give the payment by cash, credit/debit cards, Net-banking, Paytm, and also through our company offer vouchers.

Is the cost of hiring depends on the number of days to hire or the number of kilometers to be covered?

The hiring cost totally depends on the time, so that it is calculated based on the number of days you hired and it varies with the types of cars.

Is there any deposit for car rental?

Yes. You should deposit a certain amount of money to hire a car, and it also varies with the type of car that you hire. The deposit will be refunded to you if the car is returned in the same condition without causing any damages.

Where do I drop my car at the return?

You must probably return the car at the same boarding point that you have picked up. If you are unable to return the car to the same place, then you have to pay some extra cost for the young entrepreneurs purpose.

Will I be charged if I delayed returning the car by 10 or 15 minutes?

No, we offer a relaxation time of 30 minutes from the time of your actual return.

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